Ensuring Your Safety While Traveling

Traveling to new regions is a good experience and exiting too. Every visitor hopes to have a smooth journey accompanied by a life time adventure. Sometimes, you get unlucky and you become a victim of crime such as robbery, murder or even rape. Personal safety should be your chief priority and you should also take responsibility of your luggage and ensure that it is safe at all times. There are various things a traveler can do to avoid bad incidents. Always dress simply since wearing expensive jewelry can sometimes draw attention to you and make you a target to criminals. If possible, leave all your expensive jewelry at home and only carry your simple pieces during your travels. Pack light things which are easy to carry everywhere you go.

Your valuables such as credit cards, passport and money should be left in a safe in the hotel. If it is not possible to use the hotel safe or if you need to use them then make sure you carry them on a money belt which must worn under your clothes. It is advisable to carry traveler’s checks, one or two credit cards instead of cash. Photocopy your passport photos, passport information page, driving license and credit cards so that you can easily replace them in case of theft. It is important to lock up or cover up your luggage tags to avoid observation of your nationality and identity. Women travelers should avoid drinking with strangers and always keep an eye their drink failure to avoid getting drugged and raped or even robbed.

Carry a small flashlight with you especially on dark streets even if you are accompanied by your tour guide. This will minimize the chances of being attacked or robbed. Avoid walking in crowded places for example bus stations and during street celebrations because thieves and pick-picketers have a tendency of hiding in such places and after all you can hardly recognize them. Avoid changing money while at the airport and keep a good watch on your luggage since thieves could be on the look out for luggage that is left unattended. Avoid sharing taxis with strangers and while driving in the city, always keep the boot, doors and windows of your car locked to reduce your chances of being car jacked.

Avoid staying in a hotel where the rooms are open to the streets since there will be no privacy at all. It is your responsibility to know the hotel security telephone number and make sure the security officers operate throughout the day and night. In case you want to drive at night, make sure you are escorted by the security guard. Avoid bringing strangers into your room and request the room service to always call first before they deliver meals and drinks to you.